Laidy Tully Paintings

Artist Statement

   Laidy Tully
   Creative Artist

My abstract works are interpretations of subliminal experiences, dormant memories, fantasies and visual expressions of long held convictions.

Intuitive marks, calligraphic lines, fragmented forms and evocative colours reflective of mood are drawn from the subconscious realm. Immediacy and compulsive intensity are dominant hallmarks.

Intuition, chance and process are encountered through incessant engagement with experimentation on materials, media and applications.

Current works incorporate use of repurposed canvas, drop sheets, gridded black vinyl, wire mesh and ready-mades. Acrylic, oil, watercolour, pastels and wax open possibilities of engagement to create large-scale projects.

The precepts of chance and intuition are all intertwined with strategies that resonate with my nature and approach to life and art making; paramount is to question without angst, cultural and traditional practices anchored in elitist perspectives of exclusivity, hierarchies embedded in status quo, disparity, racism and authoritarian actions that debase human spirit.

The legacy of Dada, Abstract Expressionist and Art Povera artists has strong connection to my beliefs and aspirations as a contemporary artist of Asian background meandering between two cultures.

‚ÄčLaidy Tully

Bachelor of Fine Art, 2020 

National Art School, Sydney, Australia